Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vogue Australia February 2008

Sorry for the poor quality of the image...Jennifer Connelly on the cover of Vogue Australia February 2008 (reprint from a recent US Vogue editorial). Will review once it is out (on Wednesday).

Balenciaga S/S '07

From my favourite collection of all time...


Hi all,

Welcome to the Xenienx blog. I'm a boy from Sydney who has always wanted to indulge and share his passion for fashion and fashion magazines via a blog, and finally I've found the time (on New Year's Eve, bizarrely enough, when I should be preparing for the party I'm hosting) to do it.

Since the age of 13 I have been passionately fond of fashion and, especially, fashion magazines. I'll never forget the first issue of Vogue Australia I bought in November 1996 with (I believe) Kylie Bax on the cover. It filled me with a profound and intoxicating delight that has not diminished over the years.

If there's one little mission I'd like to accomplish via this blog, it is to challenge the stereotype that my interests are solely the province of women and gay men. There is more stigma attached to straight men being interested in fashion than there is attached to (straight) women pursuing "male" interests. Clearly this is not the most burning issue facing the world at the moment, but I think I would have been a happier and more well-adjusted person if I'd been able to share these passions earlier.

However, I am deeply cynical about and suspicious of "the fashion world" and would never want to be part of it - my appreciation of fashion remains solely aesthetic.

My favourite fashion house is Balenciaga. My favourite magazine (by far) is UK Vogue, but I also have a fondness for UK Harper's Bazaar. I hope that one day Vogue Australia will fully realise its tremendous potential. I thought Elle Australia was a great mag and I was sad to see it fold all those years ago.

The blog will consist mainly of magazine reviews and general faffings about models and designers. Hopefully I will start blogging substantively early in the New Year.

Happy New Year everyone!



PS. Anyone who can either provide me with a copy of that November '96 issue with Kylie Bax on the cover or an image thereof will be rewarded handsomely...